Gearbox Designs

Gearbox Designs makes vinyl decals and stickers for personal and businesses in the Cincinnati area. We also specialize in custom etched glassware and fine woodworking, wood carvings and wood turning.

Youtube Milestone and Other Crap.

Dude.... seriously..... Thanks to everyone for the support on my Youtube Channel! My latest video for the Cheap Ruobo Style Workbench has over 25,000 views!! It was even featured on and made the front page at! My subscriber count has grown from 202 to nearly 900 in just over a month! 

Making videos for Youtube is a lot of fun for me. What started out as a self-serving outlet for video and music creation is slowly starting to become a life all its own.  While not an instructional channel with lessons on a particular aspect of woodworking or screen printing, or even a showcase on the correct ways to use tools or to be safe in the shop, my hope is that someone will find some inspiration or idea that will help them create something great for themselves. If not, at least you can turn up the speakers and jam! 

I hope to be releasing more content very soon and more often. The latest project is finished and I am editing the video now. Stay Tuned!

Now with all that out of the way..... I made some new shirts! When I say I made them, I mean I  (me) made them! The concept started as a sketch on paper while eating cereal with my kids and has made its way all the to your body (hopefully). These prints are pretty rad featuring a three color design loaded to the gills with halftone goodness for all you screen printing nerds like myself. So head on over to my Etsy store and pick one up for yourself before they are all gone!