Gearbox Designs

Gearbox Designs makes vinyl decals and stickers for personal and businesses in the Cincinnati area. We also specialize in custom etched glassware and fine woodworking, wood carvings and wood turning.

The Maker in me.

Hi, I'm David and I am addicted to making stuff. 

In a world full of crazy it's so easy to get fixated on whats going on around us: violence, oppression, Donald Trump,  and the ever-growing distraction of the internet and T.V. Many of us sit around waiting for something to happen. We get worked up over things we can't control and filled  up with massive amounts of information we don't need. For me, I choose to disconnect myself from the masses and walk my own road. I fill my time learning and creating, trying my damnedest to be good at every skill that interests me. It's what keeps me moving forward. 

You don't have to have a shop full of tools, or think you need some type of talent provided to you by an omniscient being. Just start doing something, ANYTHING. Learn to draw, paint, whittle a freakin' stick, just get off Facebook or Netflix and CREATE. You won't be good at it, but who cares? Do it again. And then again. Research that shit on your lunch break. Check out a book at the library. Immerse yourself in what ever it is that you enjoy and you will eventually begin to feel pride in what you are doing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get off your ass and MAKE SOMETHING!