Gearbox Designs

Gearbox Designs makes vinyl decals and stickers for personal and businesses in the Cincinnati area. We also specialize in custom etched glassware and fine woodworking, wood carvings and wood turning.

How I Build a Frank Reynolds Puppet - The Movie!

I have recently become obsessed with building puppets. I'm not clear on the logic behind this adventure, I just know that it is ridiculously fun. So fun in fact, I have almost forgotten about my Youtube channel! I picked up some new video equipment recently and decided it was time to do some filming. Here is the result of said filming... enjoy!

New Youtube Video and Interview with Strange Kids Club!

Its been a busy month here at Gearbox Designs! Thanks to everyone that subscribed to my Youtube channel,  I am approaching 1 thousand subscribers!! This makes me a melty inside! 

My new video features a straight up CNC project: a 3D sign for my friends at Strange Kids Club. I have been a huge fan of their site for a couple years now and was honored to collaborate with them on this sign. Rondal from SKC was kind enough to do an interview with me as well! So, if you are in to reading and watching stuff, be sure to check these things out!


Youtube Milestone and Other Crap.

Dude.... seriously..... Thanks to everyone for the support on my Youtube Channel! My latest video for the Cheap Ruobo Style Workbench has over 25,000 views!! It was even featured on and made the front page at! My subscriber count has grown from 202 to nearly 900 in just over a month! 

Making videos for Youtube is a lot of fun for me. What started out as a self-serving outlet for video and music creation is slowly starting to become a life all its own.  While not an instructional channel with lessons on a particular aspect of woodworking or screen printing, or even a showcase on the correct ways to use tools or to be safe in the shop, my hope is that someone will find some inspiration or idea that will help them create something great for themselves. If not, at least you can turn up the speakers and jam! 

I hope to be releasing more content very soon and more often. The latest project is finished and I am editing the video now. Stay Tuned!

Now with all that out of the way..... I made some new shirts! When I say I made them, I mean I  (me) made them! The concept started as a sketch on paper while eating cereal with my kids and has made its way all the to your body (hopefully). These prints are pretty rad featuring a three color design loaded to the gills with halftone goodness for all you screen printing nerds like myself. So head on over to my Etsy store and pick one up for yourself before they are all gone!

The Raddest Shirt on Earth.

Trying to establish a small business has been the most challenging project I have ever tried to take on. Support from your community is a must if success is something you are striving for. Support comes in many forms, and one of the absolute and best ways to provide that support is by wearing a T-shirt: the mobile billboard! 

And this is not just ANY t-shirt! Its the raddest shirt ever! I hand pull each print myself in my shop using the best, most eco-friendly inks on the market.  

So, if you need some new threads and want to help spread the word about Gearbox Designs, please head over to my shop and pick one up! 


Halftones + wood + ink

New things. I like doing new, challenging things. In my ever-evolving quest to do what I truly love to do full time, I've stumbled across a process that combines a few of my favorite activites: graphic design, wood working, and screen printing. I've begun by tackling one of the more difficult tasks of hand pulling photo-realistic halftones on to a piece of wood. So far, so good! There is no end to the possibilities that lie within this process and I hope to explore as much as I can. 

If you would like a custom piece made just for you or your business please reach out and let's get started.  Black and white photos ormulti-color logos will turn out great and have many applications. I am even capable of contour cutting the wood for a truly unique sign. Just holler at me!

 "they live" 12" x 9" on pine.

 "they live" 12" x 9" on pine.

Vincent price illustration by Tim Burton from Edward scissorhands.  Digitally redrawn by me.

Vincent price illustration by Tim Burton from Edward scissorhands.  Digitally redrawn by me.

The Maker in me.

Hi, I'm David and I am addicted to making stuff. 

In a world full of crazy it's so easy to get fixated on whats going on around us: violence, oppression, Donald Trump,  and the ever-growing distraction of the internet and T.V. Many of us sit around waiting for something to happen. We get worked up over things we can't control and filled  up with massive amounts of information we don't need. For me, I choose to disconnect myself from the masses and walk my own road. I fill my time learning and creating, trying my damnedest to be good at every skill that interests me. It's what keeps me moving forward. 

You don't have to have a shop full of tools, or think you need some type of talent provided to you by an omniscient being. Just start doing something, ANYTHING. Learn to draw, paint, whittle a freakin' stick, just get off Facebook or Netflix and CREATE. You won't be good at it, but who cares? Do it again. And then again. Research that shit on your lunch break. Check out a book at the library. Immerse yourself in what ever it is that you enjoy and you will eventually begin to feel pride in what you are doing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get off your ass and MAKE SOMETHING!



New Roubo Workbench Youtube Video.

I finally made a new video! I have been needing a new workbench for my crusty old barn for quite some time now, and I finally got around to it. This is a budget version of the increasingly popular Roubo bench made with 2x4s and 4x4 posts from the hardware store. It utilizes mortise and tenon joinery and a buttload of glue. Overall I am very happy with how this bench turned out. The downside to having a nice workbench is that I don't want to actually work on it. Instead I may just put some barstools around it and put a fridge nearby for some Friday night cold beers!

Anywho.... here's that video I was talking about.


New Evil Dead Terrible Tee!

Things have been a bit busy for me the past few weeks, but I'm gearing up for some new and fun things! The first will be my new clothing line: Terrible Tees. The first new design features Henrietta from Evil Dead 2. Head over to my Etsy store  to pick up on this limited run!


New Rad Wall Art!

New My Pet Monster and Slimer wall decorations are now available! These are big, sturdy wood cutouts that started their life as a sketch in my notebook, and now, are available on my Etsy store! Be a cool dude and head over to check em' out!


Website remodel!

With all the new stuff going on here at Gearbox Designs, now is a good time to freshen up the site. A new, cleaner and fresher look for 2016! 

While you're here, be sure to hit that contact page and holler at me! Do you need new shirts, stickers, koozies, signs, or maybe you just want to tell me about your day, whatever, just holler at me!



Official Gearbox Designs Trailer + more!

2015 was an amazing year for Gearbox Designs. "Learning and Doing" are what I aimed for and I'm pretty sure I succeeded in that. 2016 is the year I plan to move forward with larger strides  and do even more. I plan on launching my screen printing business this year! That means that I will be releasing my own t-shirts, hoodies, and Koozies, as well as accepting bulk orders for your apparel needs as well!

Now, that does not mean that I will stop making awesome wood stuff or youtube videos, in fact, I plan on doing even more of those things this year but, I will need your support! Please head over to my Youtube Channel  and SUBSCRIBE. It only takes a second, and it means a lot to me and my brand! 





Evil Dead 2 LED Lamp.

So I made a sweet LED lamp featuring my favorite character from any movie ever: Henrietta. Who is Henrietta? Well, I'm glad you asked. She's from My favorite movie ever: Evil Dead 2 and she's turned into something scary and is now trapped in the fruit cellar. 

I made a video showing how I built it.... Check it out!